Freakatone Elements Vol. 1 - The Unsettler

by Ghost Producer



Imagined a world where war boosted tourism for a nation, and tourists could stroll around the bloody mess that is war, stopping along the way to stare through the safety glass between them and the war zone. Imagine the possibilities for franchises. Branded War. Toy companies replicating weapons for tourist kids to 'take a little war home with them'... Imagine that.

Growing up with this fabrication of war, they would no longer fear it, and would gladly jump into a real life war zone without thinking twice about it, but once in it, would most likely prefer the fabricated wars to the real ones, leading the demand for war to switch from the real to the augmented.

Now imagine the world without the real wars, since there is no longer any demand for them.

Imagine war is no longer the news, instead it’s the commercials. War is content. Imagine that.

Imagine the sub cultures that would emerge from this renaissance of fabricated war experiences; the dance forms, the music, the fashion.

Imagine the war artists, whom happily spend most of their days on earth sitting in their garages or bedrooms, producing war experiences for a faceless audience.

Scoffing at the tired ass wars the governments started, the Producers develop fantastical war experiences, which exceed the audiences expectations of what war is, with musical scores, famous stars, light shows & interactivity.

Retro wars, WWI, The Battle Of Zima, Vietnam, re-emerging every decade or so once the War Artists have run out of inspiration. Imagine that...

The people have had enough of war, but not enough of the distractions that wars create.

Sure, The State laid the foundation for the war artists to develop their craft, but as it is, The State eventually becomes obsolete, "washed up" and outdated in comparison to the war artists, who create Wars from scratch with virtually no funding or expensive weapons. No lives are lost, only the memory of physical violence, which soon fades away as well.

The State went from controlling to losing the people to The Producers, as the people shift from members of society to members of The Audience.

Conditioned into becoming sounding boards for the Producers to bounce their productions off of, never finishing anything, just revising and testing. Imagine that.


released October 10, 2015



all rights reserved